Cell Phone Fields


There are now cell phone fields in the Address Book, Prospect records, and in custom address books, starting with Goldenseal construction business software version 3.2.

NOTE-- Most accounts in Goldenseal accounting already include a Cell Phone field. We just added it to a few places that still didn't have one.

Suggested By

Several users.

How to Use

This is currently an optional field in the Goldenseal construction business software (we'll make it a permanent part of the layouts soon).

To add the cell phone field, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Custom Layouts from the Options menu, and choose Accounts from the submenu.
  2. Click the Field tool (fourth row left in the tool palette on the left side of the window).
  3. Click in the Layout, and drag a rectangle where you'd like to add the field.
  4. You'll see a list of unused fields. Choose Cell Phone, then click OK.
  5. Goldenseal will add a Cell Phone field to the layout.

HINT-- You can really use the four telephone fields for anything, if Daytime Phone / Evening Phone / Fax / Cell Phone is not a useful distinction for you. They are just text fields that can store any kind of info.