Windows Printing Loses Returns


When printing fields with more than one carriage return, Goldenseal accounting software loses all but the first return.

Caught By

User bug report.




Fixed in Goldenseal accounting software version 3.2.

Technical Details

Goldenseal uses a special character to store carriage returns within multiple-line field text, since we don't want to export real carriage returns inside text (it will look like a new record when importing data, and cause all kinds of mayhem).

For display, the printing code swaps the special character for either Mac-style returns or Windows-style returns (carriage return/line feed), depending on what type of machine is doing the printing.

We recently rewrote the general text-swapping code so it would be more cautious about possible infinite loops, but unfortunately that zapped the swapping of multiple carriage returns. Now it is safe and sensitive to the needs of all types of carriage returns.