Goldenseal 3.8 Update

This section covers bug fixes and new features in the Version 3.8 software update for Goldenseal accounting software and construction estimating software (released on November 29, 2006).

In this update we've focused on fixing many small bugs!

Bugs Fixed
Adding a custom field to a bank transaction layout gives an error message
Bank running total can get thrown off
Bill of Materials not using material adjusters
Bill of Materials report skips items
Bottom margins wrong for multi-part printed forms
Creating a custom report that shows a list of list items gives an error message
Deleting an Estimate location gives an error message
Duplicating a "one time" payee check loses the "one time" checkmark
Equipment not allowing non-projects for current job
Error message after clicking an item in Job Costs command
Error message after Replace All in Cost Items
Estimate breakdowns can be changed in a locked Estimate
Estimate items with Fixed Price component and Adjustment Percent
Estimate locations appear out of order
Not able to import records with breakdowns
Owner Salary option not working properly
Paycheck with multiple items is checked improperly
Project Job Costs report not showing Inventory Used
Vendor witholding (used for Canadian GST deduction) not updating values

Minor Changes & Improvements
Breakdown total fields for layouts and reports
Expense reports start out showing active records
File end date is adjusted for Estimate completion dates
Find command now works for disabled clairvoyant fields
Instant purchases now fill job cost info into the check
Layout access in Passwords
More accounts available for Problem Log and To Do List
More options for tracking projects in the Project Log
Overhead hidden in starting Estimate printed forms
Progress Bar for Job Costs command
Records saved automatically before printing
Table commands disabled for locked records
Voided Sales now post to Customer account
Weight field for Assemblies and Cost Items
Wider Estimate layouts

New Features
Itemized Time and Materials report
Magnify screen layouts
Mailing labels and shipping labels for Sales
Manual schedule updating
Prospect Source information applies to Projects and Sales
Safer storage of custom field info
Schedule Only option in Estimates
Show in All Subcategories option
User Checkmark Fields