Assembly Schedule Only


In Goldenseal 3.8 we have added a new option for the Cost Area in Estimate breakdowns-- Assembly Schedule Only.

It lets you include an assembly so it affects the schedule, but doesn't show up in the price.

HINT-- This option is ideal if you want to use a "rule of thumb" price to calculate the time required for subcontracted work, but want to use a Bid to fill in the cost. You can also use it if the client does some work in the project.

Suggested By

Turtle Creek staff.

How to Use

To enter an Estimate line item that affects the schedule but not the project cost, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Estimates from the Income menu.
  2. Locate an estimate that uses an Item breakdown, or create a new one.
  3. Click in the breakdown list, at the location where the work will take place.
  4. Choose Table from the Edit menu, and choose Insert Row from the submenu.
  5. Enter Assm Sched Only into the Cost Area column.
  6. Enter a specific Assembly into the Cost Item column.
  7. Enter the quantity into the Qty column.
  8. Goldenseal will calculate the time required to do the work, and add it to the schedule. However it won't add any cost for the item.

Technical Details

This was a late addition to the 3.8 update. It seems to work fine, but it didn't get quite as much testing as some of the other new features in this update.