Custom Field Info


In Goldenseal 3.8 we have improved the storage of custom field info, so it's possible to rebuild that info from "backup" data within the program, if the original data is somehow damaged.

Suggested By

Turtle Creek staff.

How to Use

You don't need to do anything special to use this improvement.

Goldenseal will automatically store an "internal backup" of the list of custom fields. If the original is somehow damaged, Goldenseal will rebuild it automatically when you open your file. It will ask if you want to rebuild the record, and all you need to do is say OK.

Technical Details

Goldenseal uses Class Info records to store details about each class of record in Goldenseal. It "remembers" the last window position, and a few other minor details. It also stores a list of custom fields.

We have seen two user files where that data was damaged for some record classes. If the record class contains custom fields, Goldenseal is no longer able to properly read records of that class, which can make the file unusable.

To reduce the risk of that type of damage, we now store a "master list" of all custom fields, plus individual lists in each Class Info record. If either list is damaged, we can rebuild it from the other.