User Checkmark Fields


In Goldenseal accounting software version 3.8, we have added 5 custom checkmark fields in all accounts, and in Prospect records.

You can use these for any type of information that just needs a yes or no value.

Suggested By

Turtle Creek staff.

How to Use

To add one of the custom checkmark fields, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Custom Layouts from the Options menu, and choose Accounts from the submenu.
  2. Use the popup fields at upper left to locate the type of record you'd like to change.
  3. Click on the Field tool in the palette on the left side of the window (fourth row left).
  4. Click in the layout, and drag a rectangle where you'd like the checkmark to appear.
  5. Goldenseal will ask you to choose a field. Click on User Bit 1 (or one of the other User Bits) and click OK.
  6. Shrink the size of the checkmark field so it only shows the checkbox itself.
  7. Click on the Text tool in the palette ont he left side of the window (top row right).
  8. Click in the layout, and drag a rectangle next to the new checkbox.
  9. Type the name of the field into the dialog that appears.
  10. Click OK.
  11. Choose Save from the File menu to save the new layout.

HINT-- The checkbox will always start out unchecked, so you might want to name the field so a "no" value is the most likely option for the field.

Technical Details

The Goldenseal small business software program already lets you create custom fields, which can have a checkmark value. However the User Bit fields are pre-set, and they also take up less storage room (we store the values in some wasted space, so it doesn't add anything to the length of each record).