GST Credit not Updating


One user moved the Vendor Withholding fields to the More Info windows. Unfortunately, in Goldenseal accounting software versions prior to 3.8, that means that GST credits and vendor withholding amounts are not updated, when a vendor is filled in. That code assumes the fields are on the main layout.

This problem is most likely to affect users in Canada, since they need to use Vendor Withholding to calculate GST credits for taxes paid to vendors.

Caught By

User bug report.


If you have this problem in an earlier version of Goldenseal accounting software and don't want to update, use the Custom Layouts command to move the Vendor Withholding fields onto the main layout. You can also fill in the Vendor Withholding amounts by hand.


This problem is fixed in the version 3.8 update. It now updates their values, even if not displayed on the main layout.