Estimate Completion Dates


When you create or change an Estimate, Goldenseal automatically stores the completion date, and then uses it as the final end date for the date range used in "all items" reports.

That way Bill of Materials reports will automatically include all items, even if they are in the future.

NOTE-- This feature was actually added in version 3.7, but we forgot to include a writeup in that version release.

Suggested By

Turtle Creek staff.

Technical Details

Goldenseal stores dates for the earliest and latest records, and then uses those dates as the range for "all items" reports.

Prior versions did not use the completion date of Estimates, so the end date would usually be today's date (or whenever you last entered a record). Creating a Bill of Materials report would not pick up future items, unless you changed the standard date range to include dates in the future.

Starting with 3.7, reports use the completion date for the longest project, so the Bill of Materials report will include all items, automatically.