Custom Fields in Bank Transactions


Attempting to add a custom field or a custom index to a Bank Check or other bank transaction window gives an error message about a damaged or missing data descriptor.

Caught By

User bug report.


None. It's not possible to add custom fields to bank transactions, as explained below.


Goldenseal 3.8 disables the menu commands, since they won't work for bank transactions.

Technical Details

We have five screen layouts for bank transactions-- Bank Check, Bank Payment, Bank Deposit, Transfer In and Transfer Out. They control the appearance of each type of bank transaction (set by the Type popup field at top center).

The actual data for each type of bank transaction is stored in a separate data class-- for Cash Transactions, Checking Transactions, Savings Transactions, Credit Card Transactions and a few others. We saved some space and design time by having all types of bank transactions use the same five layouts (otherwise we would need 31 different layouts to accomplish the same thing).

Unfortunately, that design decision does have one negative consequence. Because the screen layouts do not match up with the data classes, we can't add a custom field or a custom index to bank transactions.

NOTE-- If you really want to add a custom field to bank transactions, please let us know. In that case we'll know it's worth investing the programming time needed to make it work.