Wider Estimating Layouts


Starting with the 3.8 update for Goldenseal estimating software, we have widened the column widths in the Category, Subcategory and Cost Item columns for Estimates with an Items breakdown.

This makes the estimates easier to read.

NOTE-- The layouts are now wider than a 640 x 480 monitor, but nearly all of our users seem to have monitors that are wider than that. If you still have a small monitor, you can use the Custom Layouts command to shrink the columns back to their original size.

Suggested By

Requested by many users.

How to Use

The new layout appears automatically in Goldenseal construction estimating software versions 3.8 and greater.

NOTE-- If you have customized the data entry screen for Estimates with an Items breakdown, this change will have no affect. If you want to use this instead of your custom layout, use the Custom Layouts command to open the layout, then choose Revert to Original from the File menu.