Reviews and Testimonials




We've received dozens of positive reviews from magazines and trade associations. Here are a few reviews of Goldenseal that are available online:

Here are some quotes from reviewers:

" Goldenseal, our number 1 ranked construction estimating software package and Top 10 Reviewers' Choice Award Winner offers a powerful software package for the price... For unsurpassed features and flexibility, Goldenseal is our recommended software choice. "
-- Top Ten Reviews

" Good software at a very fair price. "
-- Home Office Reports

" Light years more friendly than any existing estimator."
-- Craig Savage, Macintosh Construction Forum

" It's easy to be evangelical about it. Turtle Creek's software works! It's comprehensive! It's adaptable! It's affordable!"
-- Jeff Dunker, Macintosh Construction Forum

" Rated #1 estimating software."
-- Canadian Construction Association


Over the years, we've received hundreds of appreciative letters and emails from our users. Here are a few of our favorite quotes:

" Last week I gave a proposal to a client to remodel two bathrooms. I was about $7000 higher than the other estimates they received. They chose to use us because everything was so clearly spelled out in the Goldenseal specs that I gave them. Just wanted to let you know that Goldenseal estimating is doing a great job for us!"
-- JA, Remodeler, Connecticut

" For the last year or so I've been using Goldenseal to manage several operating expense and capital budgets. I'm responsible for maintenance and upgrades to 3 commercial office buildings, 8 unfurnished residential rental units, 6 fully furnished high end residential rentals, and the private homes of the company owner(s). The details in time and moneys spent and made retrievable at this level is something that has saved my butt and thankfully made me look good on a number of occasions. I'm looking forward to the future with Goldenseal. You've got an outstanding product, please continue to improve it! "
-- DC, Facility Manager, California

" Oh my God! Thank you for making learning FUN. My bosses think I am totally winged out sitting here at the computer laughing my ass off. I am actually working "overtime" to get Goldenseal set up but am having too much fun with the tutorial. Where did you want me to send all the hats I have made so far? Bill Gates could take lessons from you on how to write computer programs.
" Laughingly Yours, "
-- DI, Drywall Subcontractor, Canada

" My Mac and Turtle Creek Software have made the difference between nearly going out of business last year and lining up over a half million in work this year. It’s helped to give me an edge over the competition."
-- RW, Remodeler, Massachusetts

" Just a short note to tell you how much I enjoy (and profit from) your software. I use it extensively, and continue to be impressed with how easy and how powerful it is. As you can see from the enclosed letter to the Editor of Remodeling magazine, I'm not shy about telling others about how well everything works."
-- RK, Remodeler, California

" I'm finding Goldenseal very useful and feature rich, and now that we've paid for it I have no shame whatsoever about telling you that I think it's underpriced. (I enjoy the documentation too, especially the bit about backup and recovery. Where can I buy a time machine, preferably used?). "
-- CB, Home Builder, South Africa

" Turtle Creek writes first class software. It fits my business well. I only wish every piece of software had lived up to claimed performance and my expectations. Turtle Creek's does! "
-- WG, Remodeler, Texas

" I received your newsletter today. When I see it in the mail pile, I always save it for last so I can read it all. I am really impressed with your company. I think the newsletter is well done, your product is first-rate, and the phone support hasn't missed yet!"
-- RH, Custom Home Builder, Georgia