Goldenseal 4.8 Update

This section covers bug fixes and new features in the Version 4.8 software update for Goldenseal accounting and estimating software.

As usual, we've added new features, made minor improvements, and fixed bugs that turned up since the last update.

The version 4.8 update was released on October 16, 2012.

NOTE-- The gap between versions 4.7 and 4.8 was much longer than usual. Because of the delay, we will extend update download privileges for anyone who purchased Goldenseal on or after Sept 1, 2011. Just contact us by Jan 31, 2013, and we will adjust your account, so you can download this new version.

Bugs Fixed
Breakdown Tables-- unused records left in the database, when more than one row is deleted
Clairvoyant Fields-- command-hyphen enters date when it shouldn't
Clairvoyant Fields-- error message after choosing None from some popup menus
Data Entry-- rare crashes during data entry, via a mix of typing and copy/paste
Delete Multiple-- command can run out of memory if deleting many records
Estimates-- changing an assembly to a reminder leaves it in the project schedule
Find Command-- Any Match sometimes lists duplicated records
Math Errors-- incorrect multiplication of negative money amounts between -$4 and -$45
More Info Dialogs-- can cause missed posting updates for record currently in view
Number Formats-- option to change colors of positive and negative numbers
Payroll-- erroneous warning about bad dates in Labor Hours breakdowns
Project Phases-- missing schedule calculations and other estimate features
Sort command-- sort by name not working for Cost Items and Assemblies

Minor Changes & Improvements
Billing Statements-- double-click to see bank transactions
Billing Statements-- improved data storage
Breakdown Export-- better handling after cancel
Breakdown Tables-- better handling of insert/delete rows
Change Orders-- link to estimates
Clairvoyant Fields-- more options to add records
Custom Layouts-- better handling of account breakdowns
Custom Layouts-- better handling of layout import & export
Data Entry Windows-- better appearance when only one breakdown type
Estimating Wall Framing-- better suggested quantities
Export Commands-- tidier messages
Labor Hours-- Trips is now a time unit option
Pay Bills-- does not include closed accounts
Payroll Records-- employee full name
Templates-- option to include automatic payment for expenses

New Features
Assemblies-- shows quantity per unit, and unit per quantity
Estimates & Assemblies-- shows last price update
Find Previous-- shows record most recently viewed
Pictures-- import and export of pictures
Replace All-- replace blanks only