Goldenseal 4.96 Released (May 24)

We just released the latest update to the current Goldenseal apps. If your download access is current, follow these steps to get it:

1. Go to our shopping cart.
2. Click the My Account link at top left.
3. Sign in with your Email address and the password you used to create the account.  The password is case-sensitive (capitals & lower case matter!).
4. Click the Completed Orders link.
5. Click the Download Files link, and save the download on your hard drive.
6. You may need to decompress the download file, if your browser doesn’t do that automatically.
7.  MACINTOSH– drag the Goldenseal program (tree icon) into your Applications folder. WINDOWS– run the installer.

If you paid for updates on or after Oct 1, 2014 and it tells you your access expired, please contact us. We will extend your update privileges.

Goldenseal 4.96 includes many small bug fixes, plus fixes for a couple of not-so-small bugs in the Find command, and range selections in Reports.

For our international users, we also added an alternate way to set the currency symbol (we also will add that feature to Goldenseal Pro).

The current Goldenseal code is growing old, as are the machines we use to build it. Our main focus is now on completing Goldenseal Pro, so this may be the last update we make to the current app. However, if a serious problem turns up, we will release another minor update.

Dennis Kolva
Programming Director


Author: Dennis Kolva

Programming Director for Turtle Creek Software. Design & planning of accounting and estimating software.