Find command problems

We have been noticing weird problems with the Find command when we use Goldenseal 4.92 to run Turtlesoft. A couple users have also reported it.  Even weirder, some of our test builds of Goldenseal work OK and some don’t.

We spent some time in the debugger yesterday, and finally discovered that it is a byte-swapping problem, probably related to the transition from PPC to Intel.  However, it’s not something specific in our code, but rather in the way the code is processed by the compiler.  If we use Xcode 3.0 and the gcc compiler, there are no problems, but Find breaks under Xcode 3.14 and the LLVM compiler.

There is a similar byte-swap problem in the multi-user client sign-on code.  Even worse, other subtle problems may be lurking.

We’re still working on this.  It may just be an Xcode bug that we can fix by using a different version of that program.

Goldenseal Multi-user for Mavericks

We finally fixed some old code, that was preventing client sign-ons from a Macintosh running the latest OS version (Mavericks).  It will get a few days of testing here, and then we’ll either slip it into production without a version change, or do another minor update.

If you need this update right away, please contact us, and we can email the fixed app to you.

New invoice cost category

A new user suggested that Goldenseal fill in a cost category automatically for each vendor: for example, have all plumber invoices start out in Plumbing.

It seemed reasonable and it was easy to program in, so this new feature will be in the 4.91 update.

BTW we get most of our ideas for new features from users, and we’d be happy to hear of other ideas for improvements!

Goldenseal 4.91

A couple of annoying  bugs have turned up in the version 4.9 update.


  1. The quantities for labor hours are incorrect, for some line items in estimate reports.  All dollar costs are still fine.
  2. The match field in reports doesn’t work.  As a work-around, use the Find command first, then make the report for Found Items.

We’ve fixed them, and plan to release a minor version 4.91 update before the end of the month.

Dennis Kolva
Programming Director

Kickstarter for Windows

We decided to combine our two Kickstarter campaigns into one.   That way, we can give full attention to the Mac update, and get it out more quickly.

Windows users are still welcome to back the Macintosh campaign, and rewards can be applied to the Windows version upon request.