Goldenseal Pro progress

Well, we had a programming contractor lined up more than a month ago, but it just didn’t work out.   Since then, we have posted the project on several websites for programming freelancers, but haven’t found a good match yet.  We are still talking with a few folks, and hope to have something lined up soon.

The worst that can happen is that we don’t find anyone, and do it in-house instead.

Chart of Accounts window

We are thinking about removing the Chart of Accounts window in Goldenseal Pro, and would like to hear from users who want to keep it (or not).

Way back in early prototypes, the “account finder” window was going to be the main interface, with all money transfers being a drag between accounts.  In practice that didn’t work very well, so the window became much less important.  The employee who did most of the work on it was also not a very good programmer, and nobody since then has figured out his code.  We either need to do a major rewrite, or just abandon it.