Goldenseal Pro Progress Report #3

Here’s the latest from our contractor in Australia:

The next stage is very large. So far we have developed methods to export the layout of a window to an xml formatted file that Qt Designer can understand and edit. We have also written a top level UI wrapper that can create windows from the xml files.
The rest of the time has been spent trying to determine the best way to integrate this into the existing code.

Meanwhile, Turtlesoft staff has converted a bunch of Goldenseal  code so it works in a modern 64-bit OS.  The new app will still be able to read existing company files that use 32-bit formats, and we want to make the migration path as easy as possible.  We may need to have an automatic, one-time conversion of the file format, but so far that hasn’t been necessary.

Dennis Kolva
Programming Director
Turtle Creek Software

New website

We started about 10 years ago, to give the staff something tangible to do when tired of sitting at the computer. We just gave it a new website with an updated web design.  Much cleaner than the old site, and it now works well on phones and tablets. The html is also much easier to maintain, with less clutter.

Now that we’ve tested out the newer web tools, we’re starting on the new Turtlesoft site.  It shouldn’t take too long to convert the main pages to the new design.


Goldenseal Pro Progress Report #2

The Goldenseal Pro update is proceeding steadily.  It just hit the first of five payment milestones with the contractor who is moving it to QT.

All the app does right now is create and open files, and show a window for a simple list.  However, that means that a lot of difficult background work is now completed.