Goldenseal Pro Progress Report (Feb 22)

It only took a day or two to set up the main application window in Goldenseal for Windows.  Still many details to finish, but the basic appearance looks good.

The Mac version was a different story. We tried one approach and just couldn’t get it to work. So we started over with a different approach, and could not get that working, either.  

Out of sheer frustration, we downloaded about 50 sample Cocoa apps from Apple and elsewhere, hoping to find something similar that we could use as a working example.  Nothing was close, though we did find some useful samples that will help us when coding other parts of the project.

Yesterday we started over for a 3rd time, building things one small step at a time, and getting each bit to work before moving on to the next step.  That went more smoothly.  Maybe we finally found the right approach, or maybe we just made every possible mistake, and couldn’t help but do it right eventually!  Anyhow, Goldenseal for Mac now has a single window that lets you navigate through all parts of the program.  Still many details to finish, but the basic appearance looks very good.

It took almost two months to design the new interface, and then get it working similarly on both platforms.  A bit of a digression from our original plan, but it probably will end up being worth the extra time.

Dennis Kolva
Programming Director
Turtle Creek Software

Author: Dennis Kolva

Programming Director for Turtle Creek Software. Design & planning of accounting and estimating software.