Goldenseal Pro Menu Commands (Dec 16)

Right now, Goldenseal has 316 different menu commands which each open a different type of window.  There are 17 accounts, 51 transactions, 95 lists, 24 action dialogs, and 129 reports.  Running a business is complicated! We probably can eliminate a few commands, but nearly all are needed by at least some users.

In Goldenseal Pro we plan to reduce the number of menu commands and windows, to make navigation easier.  As a start, we just finished a Preferences command that consolidates 8 menu commands into a single window, with tabs. The new Preferences window looks nice and works well.

Using the same approach, we can probably convert those 316 menu commands to 30 or 40 windows with tabs. It will reduce clutter, and group related items together. For example, the Estimating command will show Estimates, Allowances, Bids, Project Phases, Cost Items and Assemblies all in one window, with tabs to switch between them.

There is another approach we are working on, that consolidates the menus even further. It has a column of accounts, transaction types and lists on the left, grouped in folders that can be opened or closed. Click on one, and that type of record fills the rest of the window, on the right. It works the same as tabs, but handles more choices.

Once we finish the Macintosh data entry windows, we will get caught up to the same place in the Windows version, and then release them as a ‘pre-alpha’ version so users can try out the new interface(s). There are many fussy details to address, so it probably will take a month or 2 until we get to that point.

Dennis Kolva
Programming Director


Author: Dennis Kolva

Programming Director for Turtle Creek Software. Design & planning of accounting and estimating software.