Goldenseal Pro Progress- Bank Transactions (Jun 14)

When we first designed Goldenseal accounting software, banking was heavily regulated. There were clear distinctions between different types of banks, so it made sense to have different types of bank accounts. Then, deregulation and the Internet gradually made it all blurry.

Goldenseal Pro uses a new file format. When you open an old-format file, it automatically converts the data. The process is an opportunity to do other conversions, so it also condenses the original 7 types of bank accounts down to just 3. Investment accounts are special, because they can be job costed. Ditto for Escrows, since they aren’t assets. Everything else is now just a plain old Bank account. We added a popup menu that you can still use to distinguish the old types (plus new banking types that have arisen since then).

Up until now, our staff has done most testing on expense transactions. They are relatively simple, which made them a good starting point. Bank transactions are more complicated. The biggest problem is that every account gets a separate window. That is different from everything else, which just has one class per window. There is a lot of interface code that does something special for bank transactions. It’s working now, but it took a few days to find all the quirks. The old system to display bank transactions was rather clunky, but it’s much better now.

We also revised the indexes so the Reconcile command is much faster. When we used Reconcile for our own bank statements, we discovered that start balances were slightly off. That tracked down to a few dud transactions in the early Aughties. The original Goldenseal ignored them, but Goldenseal Pro didn’t. The change is annoying because it throws off the start balance for all later periods. We’re still deciding how best to handle old, corrupted data like that. Turtlesoft sometimes used beta versions for daily data entry, so it’s possible that other business users won’t run into the same problems.

Bank transactions are probably the third-most difficult thing in Goldenseal. Estimates are more complicated, and Payroll is more complicated yet. We are getting close to fixing all the banking bugs. Then it’s on to the tougher stuff.

Dennis Kolva
Programming Director

Author: Dennis Kolva

Programming Director for Turtle Creek Software. Design & planning of accounting and estimating software.