Goldenseal Pro Progress Report- Oct 16

The two most recent estimating spreadsheets for Goldenseal Pro calculated that it would be finished this month. Unfortunately, the project is still not done.  The math we used was very guessy, so this is not a big surprise.

The best estimate right now is that it will still take another month or two to complete the basic data entry features. Most things are working, but they can still use some polishing. Then, there is still more to do after that. We’ll get a better handle on what remains, after we start using Goldenseal Pro to run our own business.

Our staff started the interface programming a bit over two years ago. If we had just duplicated the previous appearance, the work probably would already be done. However, once the software was stripped down to studs and joists, it was a great opportunity to do more serious remodeling.  The changes probably added six months or a year to the schedule, but the result is a much better software program.

For example, a couple weeks ago we rewrote the former popup buttons. Now you can tab into them, and type instead of clicking. It’s a nifty little improvement, but it took a few days to write the code and test it. Then another couple days to redo all the data entry layouts, so tabbing would enter the former popups in correct order.

We currently are working on breakdown tables again. That is another area that’s getting big changes. The interface is particularly complicated for estimating, project billing and payroll.

Overall, progress has been steady. It will continue to be so.

Dennis Kolva
Programming Director

Author: Dennis Kolva

Programming Director for Turtle Creek Software. Design & planning of accounting and estimating software.