Goldenseal Update History

Here is a history of updates for Goldenseal accounting software and estimating software versions 2.3 to 2.9 (in reverse order). For info about newer versions, check our update download page.

HINT-- You can get unlimited updates via our update download system. That page also shows details for improvements made in versions 3.0 and newer.

Goldenseal 2.9 Update

We released Goldenseal 2.9 on 7/12/04. It includes the following improvements:

Estimating improvements
Cost Summary-- Estimates now show a summary of labor, material and other costs, and costs per square foot

Custom Indexing-- Speed up the Find command with large numbers of records
More Button Options-- You can now create buttons with a picture
More Info Windows-- We've reduced clutter in some of the account and transaction layouts
Preferences Password Access-- You can now control employee access to Preferences
Report Display-- You now have more control over reports.
Table Help-- Goldenseal now shows help text for each table column
Templates from New button-- You can now enter templates directly from the New button

Low Inventory Tracking-- Goldenseal checks sales inventory, and gives several options when entering sales items
Purchase Orders-- Goldenseal now creates automatic purchase orders to replace low inventory
UPC Codes-- Enter sales items with a bar code reader, or by any type of product name or code
Vendor Pricing-- Cost Items now show separate prices from up to 3 vendors

Goldenseal 2.8 Update

We released Goldenseal version 2.8 on 5/11/04. This update adds several new features:

Goldenseal 2.7 Update

We released version 2.7 on 3/29/04. This update adds native support for Mac OS X, and fixes for a few printing problems. It also adds the following new features:

  • Equipment Purchases-- Goldenseal automatically creates an Equipment account when you buy equipment
  • Hiding Overhead-- You can now "hide" overhead and other soft costs in estimates
  • European Dates-- Goldenseal now supports all permutations of date order
  • Illogical Dates-- You can now have Goldenseal warn you if you enter a "bad" date
  • Sales Reps-- You now have the option to include all employees as Sales Reps
  • Vendor Price Tracking-- You can now can see specific vendor prices for Cost Items

Goldenseal 2.6 Update

We released version 2.6 on 2/2/04. This update adds the following improvements:

Goldenseal 2.5

We released version 2.5 on 1/6/04. This update adds the following improvements:

  • Assembly Labor and Assembly Materials-- more options for estimate line items
  • Direct Expenses-- checks that cover an expense immediately, similar to Quicken
  • Inspections-- for project inspections using a "checklist" format
  • Rental Units-- more info about each unit
  • Startup Guide-- with quick links to different Goldenseal functions

Goldenseal 2.4

We released Goldenseal 2.4 on October 15, 2003. This update adds the following improvements:

  • Binary compatibility between Mac and Windows version, for easier swaps
  • Contracts can now use specs from change orders, bids and work orders
  • New commands to add rows and delete rows in tables
  • New records- a To Do list, and a Policies & Procedures list
  • Improved record saving, with less chance of damaged records
  • Appointment reminders go to specific users in the multi-user version
  • Improved help fields
  • More report buttons to show 'quick info' for accounts
  • Support for MICR check printing
  • More options for vendor withholding

Goldenseal 2.31 Update

Goldenseal 2.31 was released for Macintosh and Windows on February 12, 2003.
  • For Windows users, this is a free update-- we are sending you a copy automatically.
  • For Macintosh users, we will automatically mail you a copy if you signed up for a "three pack" of updates.  Otherwise, there is information on version updates below.
Version 2.31 adds the following improvements:
  • You can now use Replace All to replace text within fields.
  • The Find command is now much faster when searching on certain fields.
  • We have added a new set of Prospect records, in addition to the Address Book.
  • We have added a Details field to many types of records. It can hold a very large amount of text (up to 32,000 characters).
  • There are now more action buttons.
  • We finally caught the last of the "memory leaks" in Goldenseal.  That means it won't run out of memory, even if you use it for many hours at a time.

New Getting Started Manuals

Goldenseal now comes with two Getting Started manuals:
  • Getting Started with Estimating-- covers the estimating, scheduling, contract-writing and project management features
  • Getting Started with Accounting-- covers accounting, job costs and payroll.
We have also switched to a plastic coil binding which is more reliable than our previous bindings.

If you already own Goldenseal, you can order either manual for $25, or both for $45.

The latest Getting Started manuals are also available as web documents-- click here .

Improved Construction Dimensions

In December 2002 we made some improvements to the construction dimension calculators that come with Goldenseal.  To download the file, click here.

To install the changes, follow these steps:

  1. To unzip the payroll files, use WinZip (Windows) or Stuffit Expander (Mac). Save the Dimensions.txt file at a convenient place on your hard drive.
  2. Open your Company File with Goldenseal.
  3. Choose Import from the File menu, and choose Payroll Update from the submenu.
  4. "Navigate" to the place where you saved Dimensions.txt, and choose it.
  5. Goldenseal will automatically replace your dimension calculators with the new ones.