Low Inventory Setup

How do I set what happens when inventory is low?

Starting with Goldenseal accounting software version 2.9, you can control what happens when inventory is low.

Cost Item Setup

Goldenseal 2.9 adds some additional fields to Cost Items records so you can track prices for multiple vendors, and better handle low inventory conditions.

To set the way you handle low inventory in the items you buy and sell, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Cost Items from the Costs menu.
  2. Click the New button to add a new item, or use the Find command and scroll bars to locate an existing item.
  3. Scroll down to the Vendor Pricing and Inventory Details sections, and enter details for this item.
  4. Choose Save Record from the Edit menu to save changes. HINT-- Goldenseal also saves record changes when you close the window, move to a different record, Quit/Exit from Goldenseal, or hit the Enter key

NOTE-- If you have customized your Cost Items layout, you won't see the new fields. If you don't see the multiple vendor pricing fields in your records and want to use the new features, click here.

Vendor Pricing

Goldenseal inventory management software lets you enter pricing details for up to three separate vendors. You can choose a vendor and enter new pricing info at any time.

HINT-- Goldenseal automatically adds new vendors and updates prices when you enter Material Purchases that have an Item breakdown. For more about price updating in the Getting Started manual, click here.

For each vendor, click in the Supplier fields to enter your usual vendors, and type in the vendor's product name, product code, current price and usual order amount.

HINT-- You can use the Product Name or Code fields to enter sales items. For more about that feature, click here. We also will soon allow bulk importing of vendor prices based on the vendor's Product Name or Code.

Inventory Details

If you order stock before you are completely out, enter the quantity that triggers a reorder into the Reorder At field. You can also enter an ordering lead time for project scheduling purposes.

Click in the Low Inventory Action popup field, and choose the way you'd like to handle low inventory in this item. You can use any of the following choices:

  • Ask What to Do-- Goldenseal will ask you what to do when you try to sell items when inventory is low.
  • Block the Sale-- Goldenseal will prevent the sale until you fill in the current inventory amount.
  • Warn & Back Order-- Goldenseal will complain and back order items that are out of stock.
  • Create Purchase Order-- Goldenseal will back order the item and create an automatic purchase order.
  • Cancel Order-- Goldenseal will cancel the order completely if there is insufficient stock for a sale.
  • Set Inventory Negative-- Goldenseal will allow sales, even if it leaves negative inventory quantities.
  • Warn & Set Negative-- Goldenseal will allow negative inventory but it will warn you first.

HINT-- If you are changing inventory handling for a large number of items, change one items and then use the Replace All command to change the other items. For more about Replace All in the reference manual, click here.

Inventory Preferences

To set overall inventory warnings, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Preferences from the Options menu, and choose Income from the submenu.
  2. Turn on the Warn about Low Inventory checkbox to have Goldenseal warn you about low inventory as you enter each line item.
  3. Turn on the Warn about Low Account Inventory checkbox to have Goldenseal warn you about low inventory at each Sales Branch. HINT-- if you don't have multiple inventory accounts, turn this option off.
  4. Turn on the Show Prices in Automatic PO's checkbox if you want to see current vendor prices before creating purchase orders. Turn off the checkbox if you use Goldenseal as Point of Sale software and you don't want customers to see the wholesale prices.
  5. To save changes, click OK.

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Low Inventory Warnings

In version 2.8 and earlier, Goldenseal checks for low inventory as you complete each Sales transaction. It gives a warning and then expects you to adjust sale quantities.

In version 2.9, Goldenseal checks each line item as soon as you enter a quantity. You can handle low inventory differently for each item that you sell (the default is to get a warning that gives you choices of what to do).

NOTE-- When you enter quantities, Goldenseal only checks your overall inventory amounts. It does not check specific Inventory accounts, since that info may not even be entered yet.

Goldenseal 2.9 also has the option to check inventory quantities in each Inventory Account when you save a Sales transaction. You'll only need to use that if you have more than one Inventory account and want a warning of when you'll need to get items from a different sales branch or warehouse.

HINT-- Go to Income Preferences to set whether Goldenseal checks for low inventory.

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