Goldenseal 4.4 Update

This section covers bug fixes and new features in the Version 4.4 software update for Goldenseal accounting software and construction estimating software (released December 22, 2009).

Bugs Fixed
Bank Transactions-- Clean Up command can mark Void records as Cleared
Bill of Materials-- misses some 'unlisted' items
Billing Records-- better handling of 'on account' payments
Chart of Accounts-- error message if drag between accounts
Custom Layouts-- loses 'include zero item' option
Deposit Funds-- deposit of two items that sum to zero doesn't mark them as paid
Estimate Dimensions-- dimensions are lost if entered from client
Estimate Dimensions-- error message in room dimensions
Find Command-- missed items for multiple indexed fields
P&L Report-- includes 'quote only' and planned sales as income
Payroll-- benefit Items based on 'days in period' calculate incorrectly
Payroll-- employee benefit payments not showing in Pay Bills
Payroll-- imported tax tables lose percentages
Payroll & Sales Tax Reports-- not showing paid items
Payroll Tax Payments-- can double post if Payroll Record is revised
Payroll Tax Payments-- shows zero in Other Cost record
Sales Tax Payments-- can double post if Sale is revised
T&M Billing-- double posting of 'on account' balance
T&M Billing-- shows zero for markup in printed forms
T&M Billing-- subcontractor sales tax is included, even when turned off
Time Tracking-- doesn't fill in total hours worked

Minor Changes & Improvements
Bids-- Contract Text field allows more than 255 characters

Change Order Billing-- ignores 'materials only' option in Payment Terms
Duplicate Records-- now use Preferences date choice
Estimates-- better handling of 'include zero items' in printed forms
Expense Transactions-- better handling of negative amounts
Expense Transactions-- Clean Up command fixes incorrect status or paid amount
Labor Hours-- Clean Up fixes incorrect Pay Record status

Location Packages-- better handling of blanks
Magnify command-- fields don't shrink after use
Material Purchases-- Clean Up command fixed incorrect Paid status
Material Takeoffs-- can be made from Allowances, Bids, Phases, Purchase Orders
Multi-User-- fixed OS X server error
Multi-User-- can use More Info buttons even when record is in use
Payment Receipts-- discontinued
Payment Terms-- only shows active bank accounts
Payroll-- new Alabama calculation methods supported
Payoll Records-- better handling for negative adjustments
Problem Log-- Needs Inspection status
Reconcile Command-- better appearance for Mac OS X
Reconcile Periods-- better handling of lists
Rental Billing-- now skips Billing Records
Sales Billing-- creates Billing Statements, not Billing Records
T&M Billing-- shows markup and net cost
View Contracts-- button dims if no contracts

New Features
Estimates-- optional column to skip markups
Paychecks-- option to show a list of commissions earned
Problem Log and To Do List-- more fields
Reports-- more date range options