Time and Materials Billing


In Goldenseal accounting software version 4.4, we've added a few optional fields that you can show on printed forms for Time & Materials billing. Use them if you want your clients to see gross cost, markup, or hours worked for each line item.

Suggested By

User feature request

How to Use

To add additional details to your T&M bills, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Custom Layouts from the Options menu, and choose Printed Forms from the submenu.
  2. Enter Billing Records into the Transaction popup field at upper left.
  3. Enter T&M Bill into the Print Form popup field.
  4. Click on the breakdown table (near the bottom of the layout).
  5. Choose Add Column to Table from the Edit menu.
  6. You'll see a list of additional fields. Select one, then click OK.
  7. You may need to adjust column widths, to fit the new column.
  8. When you have the layout looking right, close it, and save changes.

Technical Details

Programmer note-- code added in CJobCostTransaction::GetTandMMarkup. Also a couple of MEMB resources.