Sales Tax Payments


There is a posting problem for sales tax payments that occurs in Goldenseal accounting software versions 4.32 and earlier. If sales taxes are paid to a tax agency, and then the Sale is changed after the payment, the sales taxes will post again, and show up in Pay Bills.

This is a rather nasty bug that may lead to incorrect overpayment of taxes. Fortunately, it requires a sequence of actions that doesn't happen very often.

Caught By

No users have reported this one, but there was a similar problem in the payroll posting, and we double-checked for other places where a similar problem might occur.


Follow the link for instructions on how to clear the incorrect tax payments.


This posting problem is fixed in Goldenseal accounting software version 4.4. We also fixed a similar problem in the posting for payroll taxes, and vendor withholding.

Technical Details

Programmer note-- code changed in CReceiptTransaction::PostSalesTaxDue and CReceiptTransaction::HandleSalesTaxPaid. There was already an unused bit in CTransactions to mark sales tax being paid, so that is now fully implemented.