Goldenseal 4.3 Update

This section covers bug fixes and new features in the Version 4.3 software update for Goldenseal accounting software and construction estimating software (released on October 30, 2008).

Bugs Fixed
Assemblies-- better suggested quantities for a few painting costs
Billing Statements-- incorrect Projects listed
Custom Layouts-- not saving T&M checkbox option
Draw Schedule & Progress Bills-- tables are blank in Billing Records
Job Costs-- not using job cost amounts for Subcontractor Cost breakdowns
Printed Forms-- tables lose rows if margins are set to zero
Printing-- not marking accounts as printed
Project Billing-- not removing Paid on Account amounts
Rental Billing-- creates duplicate transactions
Rental Management-- locked controls in Rent History report
Sales Tax-- errors if in More Info window
Sales Tax Payments-- base amount does not include taxable shipping
Write Payroll-- gives error message if paying by Checking Debit

Minor Changes & Improvements
Accounts-- View Chargebacks button in projects and cost accounts
Assemblies-- removed Subcategory column in component table
Billing command-- changed Customer Bills to Sales Bills
Contracts-- option to skip items with zero quantity
Date Fields-- option for 'no separator'
Deposit Funds-- no longer shows Checking Debit as an option
Employee Accounts-- changed Terminated status to Closed
Estimates-- auto-enters today as start date for scheduling
Estimates-- gross and markup columns in printed forms
Estimates-- hard/soft costs determined by category
Expense Transactions-- can change T&M rate if paid but not billed
Job Costs-- includes both amount and job cost amount
Job Costs-- supports Labor Hours column in itemized reports
Labor Hours-- hours can go past midnight
Labor Hours-- times fill in automatically
Payroll-- comp time balance on paychecks
Payroll-- delayed start date for benefits & vacations
Payroll-- improved setup for benefit details
Payroll-- skip commissions when getting payroll for just one wage schedule
Replace All-- now works for full name fields
Replace All-- now works for job and main account fields
Reports-- skip items with zero quantity in Labor Hours, more reports

New Features
Automatic Backups
Estimates-- locked quantities for each line item
Magnify Command
Record Info Command
Recurring Transactions-- auto-create instant payments
Time Tracking