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Goldenseal is check printing software that writes checks for any small business. It allows check printing with any printer, on a wide variety of standard check forms. Goldenseal is also a complete accounting software package that tracks your expenses, keeps your books and writes payroll and paychecks.

You can use Goldenseal as a simple "one write" system to track expenses immediately when you write checks. If you want to track expenses in more detail, you can also use it as a fully integrated accounting package that will handle accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and other business functions.

When you enter expenses and employee hours, Goldenseal saves you time by giving you check payment amounts automatically. Use the Pay Bills command to get checks out to your vendors, and the Write Payroll command to create paychecks.

Goldenseal prints on any type of check form, using any type of printer. It includes the option to print MICR routing info on the bottom of checks (click here for more about MICR printing).

Goldenseal includes support for multiple checkbooks, so you can print checks with one number series, and use different check numbers for a field checkbook or other hand-written checks.

The Goldenseal software comes with free lifetime support, clearly written manuals, and inexpensive upgrades. It's an integrated business management program which also includes the following features:

Goldenseal check printing software is available for Macintosh and Windows computers. Click here for software pricing.