About Turtle Creek Software



Turtle Creek Software started out as Turtle Creek Carpentry in 1972. Shortly after the Macintosh computer was introduced, we developed a set of Excel templates to handle construction estimating and job cost accounting for our own business. It allowed us to bid on more jobs and look more professional-- which increased our sales volume by about 400%, and our profit by about 800%.

We started selling the templates to the public as MacNail in 1987. The first version was only a construction estimating software program, but we added construction accounting features in 1988, after we perfected the check writing and job costing features in our business.

We started work on a "friendlier" approach to cost estimating using the HyperCard program, and introduced that as HyperEstimator in 1989. We greatly improved it and introduced the second version as BidMagic in 1993 (along with a Windows version built on the ToolBook program, introduced in 1994). We also expanded the MacNail program to include scheduling and contract writing.

After eight years of design and programming, we introduced Goldenseal in 2000. Once it was established, we retired MacNail and BidMagic.

Goldenseal is our first stand-alone program, written in C++. It is an integrated business management program that handles accounting, cost estimates, project management and many other small business functions.

Since its introduction, we have upgraded Goldenseal many times. We are still improving it, and have a long list of future improvements planned.

We use our own business software to run all aspects of Turtle Creek Software (in the software industry, this is called "eating your own dog food"). We also use Goldenseal for rental management and some construction work.

The small business software from Turtle Creek has been favorably reviewed in Top Ten Reviews, Home Office Report, MacWorld, Journal of Light Construction, Builder, Remodeling, Qualified Remodeler, Mac Construction Forum, and many other publications.

Our estimating software has been rated #1 by the Canadian Construction Association and by Top Ten Reviews.

We are dedicated to providing excellent software and excellent support for our users. It has been a fun ride, and we are grateful for our users for helping us get where we are today!