Income Menu Commands

This page lists the commands in the Income menu. These commands handle items that contribute to income-- including lead tracking, project management and sales items-- in the Goldenseal accounting software.

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Income Setup

Income Setup-- Choose one of the submenus to view lists that help produce income.
     Customer Discounts-- Discounts that you give to a particular group of customers
     Delivery Methods-- Delivery and shipping charges
     Draw Schedules-- Payment schedules for projects
     Equipment Rentals-- Rates for equipment rented out by the hour or day
     Item Discounts-- Discounts that you give on a group of sale items
     Markup Systems-- Methods for calculating resale prices
     Payment Methods-- Types of payments that you receive
     Price Rounding-- Methods for rounding prices to 'retail' amounts
     Prospect Sources-- Sources where prospects and customers heard of you
     Sales Branches-- Separate stores or sales locations
     Sales Promotions-- Groups of items that you regularly put 'on sale'
     Sales Tax-- Sales tax rates that you charge customers