Using Accounts in Transactions

Use Goldenseal transactions to record any kind of interactions you have with each account.  Some Goldenseal accounting transactions involve money, and some don't.

Common Business Transactions

For each type of account, here are the transactions you will use most frequently:

Cash Accounts-- Cash Transactions
Checking Accounts-- Checking Transactions
Credit Cards-- Credit Card Transactions
Customers-- Appointments, Contact Log, Estimates, Leases, Payment Receipts, Sales
Employees-- Labor Hours, Payroll Records
Equipment-- Equipment Hours
Escrow Accounts-- Escrow Transactions
Inventory Accounts-- Inventory Transfers, Inventory Used
Investment Accounts-- Investment Transactions
Loans-- Loan Transactions
Material Suppliers-- Material Purchases
Other Cost Accounts-- Other Costs
Overhead Accounts-- Labor Hours, Material Purchases, Subcontractor Costs
Owner Equity Accounts-- Equity Transfers
Projects-- Bids, Billing Records, Change Orders, Labor Hours, Material Purchases, Project Log
Real Estate-- Labor Hours, Material Purchases, Subcontractor Costs
Savings Accounts-- Savings Transactions
Subcontractors-- Appointments, Bids, Subcontractor Costs

NOTE-- Some versions of Goldenseal small business software do not include all of the listed accounts or transactions.