Goldenseal 4.6 Update

This section covers bug fixes and new features in the Version 4.6 software update for Goldenseal accounting software and construction estimating software.

As usual, we've added new features, made minor improvements, and fixed bugs that turned up since the last update.

The version 4.6 update was released on March 21, 2011.

Bugs Fixed
Action Dialogs-- prints in color even if color printing is turned off
Bank Transactions-- duplicating a multi-item deposit looks weird
Estimates-- updating is blocked, if padlock column is removed
Macintosh Files-- error message when opening some very old files with an Intel Mac
Menu Lists-- doesn't update menu display, if the only change is in capitalization

Payroll-- better handling of worker's comp rates broken down by subcategory of work
Quickbooks Import-- problems importing from QB for Macintosh version 11

Minor Changes & Improvements
About Box-- now shows version used, prior to current one
Breakdown Tables-- improved gridlines
Chart of Accounts-- better handling of window
Color Palette-- custom palette with more pastels, for better backgrounds
Deposit Funds-- now marks overdue items as ready to deposit
Deposit Funds-- option to skip breakdowns for single-item deposits
Employee Accounts-- added 'include in starter' field
Employee Accounts-- improved Cleanup command

Estimates-- faster recalculation after changing line items
Estimates-- no progress bar if items are changed late in the schedule
Estimates-- skip markup options shows up on printed forms
Help Text-- added for recent additions, available for import
Job Costing-- improved handling of estimated costs from Project Phases
Macintosh Version-- optional PPC version
Multi-User Version-- removed dialup connections
Payables Report-- better handling for due and overdue items
Pay Bills Command-- option to skip breakdowns for single-invoice payments
Payroll-- now able to run payroll, even if Labor Hours have zero cost amount
Payroll-- option to prevent updating from imports
Profit and Loss Reports-- option to skip non-business items
Project Phases-- removed More Info fields that don't make sense to have
Report Layouts-- better handling, if report is missing
Sales Tax-- removed specific sales tax rates from the Starter files
Time & Materials Billing-- removed markup for payments on account

New Features
Accounts-- View Unpaid Items button
Breakdown Tables-- color by category
Breakdown Tables-- comment and heading rows
Breakdown Tables-- sort by category uses Category System order
Cost Categories-- color picker fields
Income Tax Report-- split categories for Customers and Projects
Payroll-- simple type-in values for deductions