Clairvoyant Items Shifted


Items in a clairvoyant field are shifted by one, in the popup menu and/or clairvoyant field. All data is one next to what it should be.


There are 2 possible causes:

  1. There's a blank name in the list, so menus are shifted (rare after version 2.0).
  2. They imported data when there were 1 or more items already there, so ID numbers were shifted in the Goldenseal business management software program.


1. Use the Find command to check the list for blanks in the Name or Menu Name field. GS 1.07 and later won't allow blank names, but earlier versions allowed it. Enter text, and it will work OK.
2. DId they import the list data? If so, they probably brought it into a file that already had one of those list items there. If there is already an ID 1, when they try to import #1 it goes into #2, and so on for each item. There are messages in the Import Log about it, but users can easily overlook that.


Entered 8/8/01 by Casey. Updated 11/13/2010.