Clairvoyant Fields

Clairvoyant fields are an easy way to enter accounts, list items or business transactions into your Goldenseal small business software. They allow you to use either a keyboard or a mouse, to enter data.

Clairvoyant Field Basics

Clairvoyant fields look different from regular data entry fields, because they have a dotted border around them, and a triangle on their right.

For example, in this portion of a Material Purchase record, the Job, Category, Subcategory and Location data are all entered into clairvoyant fields.

NOTE-- In this example, the Job Class field uses a popup button to show a fixed list of job account classes.

Popup Button

Each clairvoyant field includes a popup button (the small, down-facing triangle on the right side of the field). When you click on the button and hold the mouse down, you'll see a menu of all possible choices (usually in alphabetical order).

  • To enter an item into the field, choose it from the menu.
  • To erase the contents of the field, choose None from the bottom of the menu.
  • To see details for the current item, choose View This... from the bottom of the menu.
  • To enter more list items, choose Edit... from the bottom of the menu (if available).

NOTE-- If there are a very large number of items, the popup menu may not be able to display them all. If that happens, you can still use the keyboard to enter data.

Keyboard Entry

You can also use the keyboard to enter data into clairvoyant fields that are used in any part of Goldenseal small business accounting software. To do so, follow these steps:

    1. Press the Tab key until the field is selected, or click the mouse within the field.
    2. Start typing the first few letters of what you'd like to enter.

    3. A scrolling list of all available items will appear on the screen. Keep typing until the desired item is selected.
        HINT-- You can also use the up and down arrow keys to select an item from the clairvoyant list,
            or use the mouse to click on a list item.
    4. When the desired item is selected, press the Tab key, or click the mouse anywhere else in the window. The selected item will be entered into the field.