Wrong Account in Clairvoyant Field


Choose an account in a clairvoyant field, and a different account is entered- not the one they chose in the menu. This is only likely to be a problem in older versions of Goldenseal small business accounting software.


They have an account with a blank name. That throws off the list, so it enters the wrong one (generally it's shifted by one, but it may be shifted by more if they have several blank accounts in the Goldenseal accounting software).


1. Open the account window for whatever type of account is in the field.
2. Choose Find from the Edit menu.
3. Type an equal sign (=) into the Account Name field.
4. Click the Find button. It will find any accounts with a blank name.
5. Go through and enter a name for each account, or else delete it.


Starting with Goldenseal accounting software version 1.05 or so, we check for blank names in data entry and imports. So this problem will be very rare.

Entered 3/5/01 by Dennis. Updated 11/14/2010.