Dates Have Month & Day Reversed


Dates have month and day reversed! This happens mainly in dialogs like Pay Bills and Write Payroll in Goldenseal construction accounting software.


They are using an older version of Goldenseal accounting software, and seeing weird dates. 20/12/03 for December 12, eg.


Either ignore it, or get the latest version of Goldenseal construction accounting software, which solves the problem.


This was one of a whole series of bugs, that weren't a problem until they all came together.

In early versions (1.0 to 2.1 or so) it's caused by our originally US-centric code not handling International dates with day-month-year (Europe) or year-month-day (Scandinavia) order. Complicated by the fact that we also allow users to set date display via Interface Preferences and Custom Layouts-- Date Format.

Once we started using Date Settings/Regional Settings for most date displays, certain system date settings would break various specific code that misused the date formats in CDate. This happened almost entirely in the Windows version, which has a wider variety of user-settable date formats. You'll probably see it in Pay Bills or Write Payroll.

On 7/10/04 we changed the basic date format handling in CDate to be more unbreakable. No problems since.

In most cases the date reversal is just cosmetic, though for Pay Bills it can cause the invoices to show as overdue when they are not.

Entered 7/12/04 by Casey. Updated 11/13/2010.