Field is Locked-- Troubleshooting Guide


A field is locked-- user can't enter data into Goldenseal accounting software when they think they should be able to


1. What is in the Status popup (at left)?
2. What is in the Breakdown popup (at left)?
3. Try to duplicate it here, with the exact values for that record.
4. What is record date, and/or the users password access level?
5. Open the Custom Layout-- double-click on the offending field.


1. If status is locked (Billed, Paid, Deposited, Awarded etc), some fields are locked. They'll need to cancel the paying trans, or enter an offset trans instead of changing this one. You may need to explain why we lock it after it's paid (so the purchase amount is the same as the check used to pay for it).
2. If the breakdown is Category or Item, the Amount or Time Spent field is locked. Enter amounts into the breakdown (or switch to None breakdown).
3. Some fields are disabled for certain values of other fields-- usually a popup that is close to the field (e.g. in Subcontractor Costs, Time Used field is off when Dollar Billing is selected).
4. If an old record, they may have time lockout. Or they may not have data entry access (check the Password level for diagnosing both these problems).
5. Make sure the Editable checkbox is turned on.

Click here for more about locked accounting records.


Entered 4/16/02 by Casey. Updated 11/13/2010.