Fixing Locked Records


Problems deleting or modifying a 'locked' record. Cannot find Unlock Record command in Goldenseal accounting software


Unlock Record is no longer available in shipping vsns of Goldenseal (1.07 and later). It is very dangerous and easy to mis-use. So is deleting or modifying locked records improperly.

This link explains how to handle locked records in current Goldenseal versions.

If you absolutely have to unlock and change a locked record, then be sure to follow the changes thru the entire 'paper trail' - see Comments section.


a) Modifying a Cost transaction: open the trans, select Payment Trans in View menu. In the payment, change: Reconcile Date to None and Status to Void, then save the record. Modify and post the Cost trans, then revert the payment and post. To modify Labor Hours, you also will need to delete or change the Payroll Record .

b) Modifying Income: open the trans, select Payment Trans in View menu. In the deposit, change the Reconcile Date to None and Status to Void, post. Modify and post the Income trans, then revert the payment, post. If there is a Pmt Receipt in the trail, that will show up as the payment trans, select Deposit trans there to get to the deposit. The Pmt Rct needs to be changed and reverted too.

These are the 'paper trails':
For Cost transactions: Cost trans-> payment transaction.
For Payroll: Labor Hours-> Payroll Record-> payment transaction.
For Cash Sales: Sale-> (Payment Receipt)-> deposit transaction.
For Billed Income transactions: Billing Records-> (Payment Receipt)-> deposit transaction.
NB: Payment Receipt is optional when depositing.


Entered 9/25/01 by Gor. Updated 11/13/2010.