Can't Change Locked Fields


Can't change a record-- some of the fields are locked / grayed out / disabled in Goldenseal accounting software


User wants to change a record that has been "locked" by Goldenseal small business accounting software.

That happens if:

  1. An expense transaction has been paid.
  2. An expense transaction has been used in time & materials billing.
  3. Bank Transactions-- it has been marked as cleared by entering something in the Statement field.
  4. Estimates-- it has been awarded to a Project account.
  5. It's an early version of Goldenseal accounting software (prior to 2.3).

Some fields are also locked because it wouldn't make sense to fill them in, even in a new record. For example, in transactions with a breakdown, the Gross Price or Amount field is calculated as the sum of items in the table, so you can't type in a number there.

NOTE-- Click here for more information about locked accounting fields.


  1. User will need to locate the payment (via View-- Payment Transaction). Void or delete the payment. Save.
  2. User will need to locate the T&M billing record and delete or void the record. Then save.
  3. Enter None into the Statement field, leave the record and come back.
  4. Enter None into the Estimate field in the Project account, Save.
  5. First try the above. If that doesn't unlock the record, leave the record and come back.


Entered 12/12/01 by Gor. Updated 11/13/2010.