Goldenseal For Remodeling Contractors

Goldenseal is remodeling software that is designed specifically for remodelers and remodeling contractors. It will help you to run the business end of your remodeling business.

We designed Goldenseal to meet the specific needs of remodeling contractors-- in fact, we started out as Turtle Creek Carpentry, specializing in kitchen and bath remodels.

Goldenseal includes all of the following:

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Remodeling Estimate Software

Goldenseal is remodeling estimate software that provides quick and accurate estimating for residential and light commercial remodeling costs. It includes "smart dimensions" which let you enter a few simple numbers, and get quick calculations of quantities for all phases of remodeling work.

For most projects you can create a remodel estimate in just a few minutes, using our "smart dimensions", unit costs, and templates for your standard type of work.

Goldenseal uses "whole project" measurements for additions, and "room by room" measurements for remodeling cost estimates. It includes over 2000 unit costs that cover the complete range of remodel costs.

You can also use Goldenseal for rough estimates based on past projects, since it stores all of your estimates in a database that gives you fast access to all your prior records.

Over 3,000 remodelers are currently using our remodeling estimator software for their remodel cost estimating. They've increased their profits by getting accurate bids out more quickly.

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Remodeler Accounting Software

Goldenseal is remodeler accounting software that helps you to track your expenses and income, so you know how well you are doing on each project. It handles job costs, check writing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and inventory.

The Goldenseal remodeling software will help run all aspects of your remodeling business.

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Remodeling Schedules and Spec Writing Software

Goldenseal is remodeling scheduling software that automatically calculate a simple time schedule for each project, so you can tell clients "how long" as well as "how much" for your remodeling projects.

You can also turn an estimate into a detailed specifications sheet with the click of a button. You can use specs as a simple project "scope of work", or you can combine them with additional clauses to create a complete set of contracts and subcontracts for the project. Because Goldenseal uses the cost estimate for contract writing, you'll never include items that you won't be paid for.

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Remodeling Project Management Software

Goldenseal also helps you to manage any type of remodeling projects. It handles project allowances, change orders, punch lists and other project paperwork. You can use it for house remodeling and light commercial projects.

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Remodeling Project Billing Software

Goldenseal includes specialized project billing for draw schedules, progress payments and time-and-materials work. It also handles allowances, change orders and retainage.

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Remodeling Bid Tracking Software

Goldenseal keeps track of subcontractor bids-- you can start with an approximate price, and then replace it with firm bids as you receive them.

Subcontractor Insurance

Goldenseal tracks insurance expiration for subcontractors. You have the option to not pay subcontractors with expired insurance, to pay them anyhow, or to pay them with a percentage deduction.

Equipment Tracking Software

Goldenseal keeps track of each piece of equipment-- the jobs it is used on, and the person using it. Equipment time is also posted to job costs, and to billing time for time and materials work, allowances or change orders.

Remodeling Business Management Software

Goldenseal is remodeler business management software-- it includes a database of customers and prospects, with contact information, "how did you hear about us" details and other useful info.

Click a button and you can see past phone calls, appointments and sales for each customer or prospect. Use the Print Forms command to print mailing labels, envelopes or other forms for any group of customers or prospects.

Goldenseal also helps you to keep track of appointments, calls, company policies, problems, to-do lists and vendors.

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