Goldenseal 4.1 Update

This section covers bug fixes and new features in the upcoming Version 4.1 software update for Goldenseal accounting software and construction estimating software (planned for late January, 2008).

Bugs Fixed
Awarded status-- for Bids and Allowances
Bank transactions-- not updating next check number after change of payment type
Billing Statement-- not getting payment term text
Canada tax tables-- bad calculation in subtraction tables
Printing-- some menus go gray after Print Forms
Schedules-- not updating after change of Working Hours
Vendor Withholding-- not posting after payment
Window resizing-- forgets window size

Minor Changes & Improvements
Bank transactions-- deleting causes fewer recalculations
Bids & Allowances-- Contract Text field
Customer accounts-- View Sales button shows Void sales also
Data entry-- enter dates with no separators
Estimates-- percent of labor/materials can apply to Phases
Project Accounts-- removed Contract field
Project Phases-- can still change after inclusion in Estimate
Schedule report-- Bids and Allowances now included
W-2 Form changes

New Features
Auto sort by Date
Company cell phone, email & fax
Contract specs-- from Project Phases
Duplicate Records-- option to use today's date
Job Cost reports-- option to use T&M Billing amounts
Payroll-- Gross Wages minus Benefits option
Reports-- show only active items, show all items
Project Accounts-- Add Contract, View Contracts buttons