Window Size & Position


Goldenseal sometimes "forgets" the current window size and position. When you re-open the window, it is in the default position, instead of where it was when you closed it.

Caught By

Turtlesoft testing and user bug reports.


Reset the window manually.


This annoying problem is finally fixed in Goldenseal business software version 4.1.

It turns out that we have some code that intentionally causes Goldenseal to "forget" the window position if you hold down modifier keys (Option, Control, etc). This is necessary if you move to a smaller monitor (or lower screen resolution), and have windows that are outside the new screen bounds. Unfortunately, last year we started to include the Command key as a generic modifier key, which meant that using keyboard shortcuts to open windows would also zap the window info.

Starting with version 4.1, you need to hold down both the Shift and Control keys, if you want to intentionally "forget" the window position and restore it to its default position.

Technical Details

Programmer note-- code change in DB_WindowManager::OpenWindow