Goldenseal 3.9 Update

This section covers bug fixes and new features in the Version 3.9 software update for Goldenseal accounting software and construction estimating software (released on May 2, 2007).

Bugs Fixed
Bill of Materials had incorrect quantities for Assemblies with a "flat quantity" component
Costs by Class report accidentally included extra items
Crashes after changing an Estimate line item, then viewing it
Customers with separate Billing & Shipping address now imported correctly
Deposit breakdowns sometimes gave error message about object class 0
Deposits of vendor credits listed incorrectly in Income Tax report
Equipment Use posting errors
Estimate cost summary total errors
Find Also button stays on with all items found
Find command can't find some payment methods
Find command in breakdown tables can cause a crash
Income by Project report showed some incorrect values
Insurance Expiration for Subcontractors sometimes incorrect
Last Month gives wrong report date range in January (Windows only)
Prospects with Needs Action status now show in menus
Revert to Original gave an error message for custom forms and reports
Sales total not updating properly when delivery charge is based on total amount
Shipping Labels printing lower and lower
Window positions reset to default

Minor Changes & Improvements
All Expenses report now rounds to pennies, not dollars
Allowance Report now shows quantity and total price
Due Date now visible for Material Purchases
Expenses use job to calculate Company Division
Field borders can have zero width
Income Tax report shows one-time payee names
Inventory Used now uses project & resale prices
Inventory Value field in Assemblies and Cost Items
Material Only option for T&M billing
Most recent Sale info
New Reconcile had a few bugs. It's now just Reconcile.
Print command is now Print Screen
Printing of multiple records can now be cancelled in the middle
Purchase Orders & Work Orders give better warnings on cost overruns
Rental Transactions can show more tenant info
Schedule Delays in category breakdowns
Working Hours are easier to enter
Worker's Comp rates in Category Systems can have 4 decimal places

New Features
Billing Statements
Change Crew Size button for estimates
Clear Estimate button for erasing estimate quantities
Contract Proposal printed form
Find Prospect Matches button in Customer accounts
First name, Last name and Suffix fields for customers and employees
More accounts available in Problem Log and To Do List
More options for inserting & deleting table rows
One-Item reports can show account name, address and other info
Payroll Tax Items make it easier to include "additional withholding"
Percent of Equipment and Percent of Other Costs in Estimates
Project Phases
Shift-Right-Arrow to jump to the next row in a table
Start Time and End Time for Equipment Hours and Labor Hours
Startup Guide window is restored to original position, when you re-open Goldenseal