Goldenseal 3.1 Update

This section covers bug fixes and new features in the Goldenseal 3.1 software update (released 1/24/05). These improvements affect our accounting software and cost estimating software. See release date note.

Bugs Fixed
All Expenses report gives an error mesage
Clicking More Info button loses status change
Client not updating the next check number
Dates reset in appointment and contact log
Enter Key for Adding Table Rows (Windows)
Fewer server 'out of memory' problems
Financial reports losing penny display
Help Window has popup problems
Markup gives wrong values for certain retail amounts
Printing paychecks gives error messages
Problems adding buttons to the Startup Guide layouts
Reports losing values after a second update
Startup guide bypasses password protection
To Do List report shows wrong items

Minor Changes & Improvements
Cache Report is much faster
Customer shipping info can appear on Sales records
Estimate printed forms can show more breakdown details
Find Command for Checkboxes
Sales printed forms show back order, quantity shipped and other items
Transactions can show comments from the main account
Verify File now has option to show all errors

New Features
Back Order status report
Cell Phone Fields
Custom Address Books
Custom Lists
Custom To Do List
Non-Business items
Required purchase order # for Sales
Startup inventory imports
Vendor price imports
Vendors in estimate breakdowns

Other Changes
Demolition Unit Costs
General Conditions Unit Costs
Sitework Unit Costs