Payroll Benefits-- Troubleshooting

I am not getting the correct benefit amounts when I use the Write Payroll command!

Here's a trouble shooting checklist that will help you to track down causes for incorrect benefits in Goldenseal payroll software:

  1. Choose Employees from the Accounts menu, and locate the employee record.
  2. Click the Payroll Setup button. Is there a Benefit Package entered? Is it the correct benefit package?
  3. Choose Payroll Setup from the Costs menu, and choose Benefit Packages from the submenu. Open the Benefit Package- are the correct items included? If not, you'll need to include them.
  4. In the employee record, is there a Wage Schedule entered? If not, you'll need to enter one.
  5. If there is a problem in just one benefit, choose Payroll Setup from the Costs menu, and choose Benefit Items from the submenu. Open the item that is having the problem. Does it appear to be set up correctly?
  6. Choose Payroll Setup from the Costs menu, and choose Wage Schedules from the submenu. Open the Wage Schedule used for this employee- is Use Employee Benefit Package turned on? If not, is the correct benefit package entered there?
  7. Is the pay period correct in the wage schedule? If the benefit amount is half or double what it should be, frequently it's because the pay period is set up incorrectly in either the wage schedule, or the benefit item.
  8. Choose Labor Hours from the Costs menu, and locate the current hours for this employee.
  9. Is there a Wage Schedule used for the hours? If not, you'll need to add one.
  10. If the Wate Schedule in the Labor Hours is different from the Wage Schedule in the Employee record, better check the Wage Schedule as in step 8 and 9. NOTE-- If one employee works under two wage schedules that have a different pay period (or salary vs hourly), Goldenseal does not combine them in one paycheck.
  11. Now try the Write Payroll command for this period. Are the overtime hours correct? If not, you can double-click on the employee hours, and type in a different number of overtime hours.
  12. Did the employee work enough hours to get the desired benefit? If the employee didn't work many hours, they may be below the cutoff for a benefit in this period.
  13. Is the employee on salary? If so, Goldenseal will replace the payroll hours with the full salary amount, and calculate benefits from that. Is that what you are expecting?
  14. Does this benefit item have an annual cutoff amount? If so, it will stop deducting after it goes past the limit.

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