Edit Menu Commands

This page lists the commands in the Edit menu from the Goldenseal accounting software and business management software. To use these commands, click on the Edit menu at the top of the Goldenseal window, and choose a command from the pulldown menu.

Undo | Cut | Copy | Paste | Clear
New Record | Delete Record | Duplicate Record | Save Record | Revert Record
Find | Find All | Find Duplicates | Skip
Fill Down | Replace All | Sort

Undo-- Returns text changes or layout changes to their previous state.  Choose Undo if you make a typing mistake and want to go back.

HINT-- if you make a big data entry mistake in a record, use the Revert Record command to return to the conditions at the last save.  You can also use the Revert command when you are working with the Custom Layouts command.

Cut-- Removes the selected text or layout item(s), and stores it temporarily so you can paste it somewhere else.  Use the Cut command to start moving text or layout items from one place to another.

Copy-- Stores a temporary copy of the selected text or layout items, so you can paste it somewhere else.  Use the Copy command to start moving text or layout items from one place to another.  The original item will remain the same.

Paste-- If you have previously cut or copied text or layout items, the Paste command will put it at the selected location. Use the Paste command to finish moving text or layout items from one place to another.

Clear-- Removes the selected text or layout items.  Use the Clear command to erase text or layout items.

New Record-- Creates a new record in an account or transaction window. Use it to create a new account or transaction.

HINT-- You can also click the New button to create a new record.

Delete Record-- Permanently remove the account or transaction record that is currently visible.  Use the Delete Record command to permanently remove a record.  This command is disabled if the current record has been paid, or is otherwise referenced by a different transaction.  Accounts cannot be deleted if they are listed in any transactions.

WARNING-- You cannot undo the Delete Record command.

HINT-- To delete all found records, choose Security from the View menu, and choose Delete Multiple from the submenu.

Duplicate Record-- Make a new record that is the same as the active record.  Use the Duplicate Record command to save time when you want to enter another record that is similar to this one.

HINT-- If you have a transaction that you will want to duplicate in the future, use the Template This item command to set it up as a template. Then you won't have to search for it the next time you want a copy.

Save Record-- Saves all changes in the current record.  Use the Save Record command if you have finished data entry for a record, and want to use it in other parts of Goldenseal.

HINT-- You can also save a record by hitting the Enter key, closing the window, or moving to a different record.

Revert Record-- Returns the current record to its condition at the last save.  Use the Revert Record command if you make a mistake, and want to return to an earlier version.

Fill Down-- When a table is selected, the Fill Down command fills in the selected row with the same data as the row above it.  Use the Fill Down command to save typing in tables when you have two similar items.