Goldenseal 4.7 Update

This section covers bug fixes and new features in the Version 4.7 software update for Goldenseal accounting software and construction estimating software.

As usual, we've added new features, made minor improvements, and fixed bugs that turned up since the last update.

The version 4.7 update was released Sept 29, 2011.

Bugs Fixed
Assemblies-- not updated if component changed while unfinished
Balance Sheet Report-- incorrect calculation for Total Equity
Banking Transactions-- menus not remembered correctly
Banking Transactions-- void, enter statement then unvoid leaves incorrect status
Billing Records-- P&L Income subtracts payments on account
Breakdown Tables-- erases selected cell upon save
Category Colors-- category colors cause a crash on PPC Macs
Estimates-- fixed incorrect Percent of Labor/Materials for flat-cost Assemblies
Fonts-- default font in Interface Prefs not saved correctly
Import-- fixed missing buttons on dialog
Macintosh-- buttons conflict with clairvoyant fields in dialogs
Macintosh-- fixed occasional crashing during data entry
Payroll Records-- editing can lose hours data
Payroll Records-- hours info is editable when it shouldn't be
Reports-- labor hours not showing in some reports
Reports-- unallocated items not showing in some reports
Windows-- Save a Copy command gives error

Minor Changes & Improvements
Action Dialogs-- sound after posting
Clairvoyant Fields-- better handling of changes from popup button
Dialogs-- better target handling on close
Estimates-- improved display for headings and comments
Find Command-- selects first field
Form Type Button-- removed (except in Estimates)
Labor Hours Breakdowns-- check for valid dates
Line Returns-- better handling for Macintosh & Windows
Macintosh-- better field drawing in modal windows
Number Display-- integers show color for positive/zero/negative
Payroll-- allow negative deductions
Pictures-- improved data handling
Programming Code-- removed obsolete code in prep for Cocoa
Register Tables-- removed
Windows-- faster drawing for table backgrounds
Windows-- less screen flashing, faster redraws

New Features
Clairvoyant Fields-- command to create new items
Clairvoyant Fields-- create and edit accounts
Custom Lists-- two more
Find Anywhere-- search in all types of records