Goldenseal 3.7 Update

This section covers bug fixes and new features in the version 3.7 software update for Goldenseal accounting software and construction estimating software (released 9/7/06).

Bugs Fixed
Audit Trail not showing transaction type
CDIV errors in import and export logs
Estimate dimensions not saving from a multi-user client
Estimates show wrong cost categories
Help Window can lock up in Windows version
Labor Hours by Task report missing 'unlisted' labor
Remote client updates while in Find mode
Rental Billing command doesn't fill in numbers for Rental Transactions
Wrong labor hours for 'unlisted labor' line items in Estimates

Minor Changes & Improvements
Checking accounts store reconcile history
Delete Record command moved slightly
Option to print without currency sign
Price Request print form for Purchases
Project start and completion dates

New Features
Change Account command
Equipment location tracking
Improved Reconcile command
Itemized P&L Report
Labor Billing Rates for cost plus fixed amount
Lien waiver forms
Option to update payment method in billed expenses
Payroll Records report shows hours & overtime
Planned job costs
Project phases for Estimates
Second Party names for Contracts
Subcontractor license expiration tracking
T&M Bill receipt for Inventory Used
Write Payroll picks up all payroll transactions