Goldenseal 3.3 Update

This section covers bug fixes and new features in the version 3.3 software update for Goldenseal construction estimating software and small business accounting software (released May 18, 2005).

Bugs Fixed
Assembly checkboxes don't work in Find mode
Check numbers not updating from client
Cost Transfers don't show up correctly in estimated vs actual reports
Crash when importing if over 600 items in Chart of Accounts
Deleting new record from client gives error message on server
Enter buttons from client saving records too early
Estimate locations appear in scrambled order
Goldenseal quits if there are empty required fields in an account and user hits cancel
Job Cost Amount not updating in purchases
Payment method stays locked for material price requests
Replace All for Cost Item pricing method causes freeze
Sort command slows down other programs
Subtraction gives # Too Big for numbers between 1 billion and 2 billion.
Templates used for bank payments cause duplicate entries
Void records give warning about expired subcontractor insurance

Minor Changes & Improvements
Better date display for report custom date ranges
Clean Up layouts (date formats)
Enter Estimate button for Prospect records
Estimates made from a template automatically update prices
Faster Finds, better memory cache management
Import and export settings remembered
Income Statement skips non-business items
Installment payments
Material templates can keep Pricing Only status
Needs Attention status for Contact Log
Network message logging-- for debugging
Other Updates importing improved
Remodeling templates for kitchen, bath, decks
Removed improper required fields
Renamed check print forms, added another paycheck
Storage of negative/zero text color for faster drawing
Time & Materials printed bills can use category breakdown

New Features
Allowance report for estimates
Breakdown counts in reports
Decimal shifting for currency values over 2 billion
Income Tax report improvements
Large screen layouts
Text formatting for report and data entry tables
Web visits