Billing Dates

I'm seeing weird dates in the Billing and Pay Bills windows!

In versions of Goldenseal accounting software before 2.7, the date fields in the Billing, Pay Bills and Write Payroll commands were not wide enough to display dates that have two-digit month and date, and a four-digit year (Windows only).

To change your basic date format to a two-digit year, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Start button, and choose Settings.
  2. Choose Control Panel from the submenu.
  3. Open the Regional and Language Options control panel (Regional Options in XP and earlier).
  4. Click the Date tab.
  5. For the short date format, use any of the formats that use YY and not YYYY.
  6. Click OK.

This problem is fixed in Goldenseal accounting software versions 2.7 and later.

HINT-- most of the date fields in Goldenseal use their own date format, so you can still show a four-digit year in those.

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