Time & Materials Labor Billing


Project billing of Labor Hours does not match T&M Amount from the Labor Hour.

T&M amount changes in Labor Hours, when Write Payroll is executed in Goldenseal payroll software.


These are correct behaviours when the Billing Rate entered in the Employee Record calculates using Net Wage.

If not sure about the calculation method, use *View This Labor Billing Rate* in the Billing Rate clairvoyant field, in the Employee Account window to see it.

The T&M amount is re-calculated when Write Payroll is executed.

NOTE-- The new amount is more accurate, since it uses the actual burden, which is calculated from the employer taxes and insurance for that pay period.


The best way to handle billing for labor costs is to pay the Labor Hours first then bill the Project for them. This way the T&M amount is properly - and fully - calculated for the Project billing to pick up.

If billing for the labor must be done before paying the employee for it, then use Write Payroll, but don't select an account in the Bank Payment window. This will cause GS to re-calculate the T&M amount and generate a Pay Record that can be paid later w/ a bank transaction.

NOTE-- If the user frequently needs to do T&M project billing before writing payroll, they should not base the T&M billing amount on the Net Wage. Instead, use Gross plus % and add an estimated amount to cover payroll burden. Then they can bill for the correct amount as soon as they enter Labor Hours.


Entered 8/6/01 by Gor. Updated 11/13/2010.